Power your Devices with Watson

There are three things to consider when purchasing extension cords, environment, plug type and power rating. The new line of extension cords recently announced by Watson addresses all three of these concerns as these rugged extension cords can handle nearly anything you can throw at them.� Whether working indoors or outdoors you can rest assured these thermoplastic constructed extension cords will hold up against some of the harshest weather conditions.�

These extension cords range from 14 to 16 gauge and are designed to handle a load of up to 300 volts to satisfy even the most power hungry devices.� These rugged extension cords are also capable of handling up to 13 amps of power allowing you to plug in devices ranging from a table lamp to a power tool.

Watson will be offering cords ranging in length from 1.5 feet to 100 feet and the cords will be available in black, gray and orange. Each cord will contain a three-prong grounded male plug designed to be used with compatible outlets. This three prong construction ensures a path to the ground wire greatly reducing the risk of electrical shock. The female end of each cord will also contain an integrated safety cover. Each Watson extension cord comes UL approved ensuring operational safety qualifications are met.